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About us

Who are we?

Let’s introduce! We are Erwin and Miranda van der Ende. We are from Holland and live in the Westland. Originally Erwin is an electrician and Miranda has been an independent entrepreneur in the hospitality industry. We are currently focusing on the travel industry.

We have been travelling through Africa for several years. Not only through Tanzania, but we also like to go to Botswana and South Africa. Love for Africa is in our blood, which is why we sell trips to Tanzania.

We took a Ranger course at FGSA in the Okavango Delta in Botswana. We think it is important that we treat nature, wildlife and culture with respect.

We lived and worked in the north of Tanzania for 7 months. Regularly we have contact with the locals, This is very nice they keep us informed of the latest updates in Tanzania. We know the area in the North well, we know the nice places for a stop where you tourists can enjoy. Most of the accommodation we offer is also visited ourselves.

We only work with Tanzanian entrepreneurs with Zebra safaris. These are professionals and speak good English, they can tell you a lot about their culture and come regularly in the National Parks.

Names Zebra safaris we wish you lots of travel fun in beautiful Tanzania!

What do we think is important?

What you can expect from us.

Customer friendly

Work with local people

Respect for nature & culture