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The Serengeti, the name is derived from the language Swahili (Siringet), which literally means “endless plains”, it is an area of savannas, forests and landscapes in the north of Africa.

The Serengeti National Park is known worldwide for its great migration. The migration of 2 1/2 million grazing animals across the endless grassy plains. In addition, this is home to the Lion, Leopard, Cheetah, Buffalo and many other animals. In short, the number 1 attraction in Africa!


Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa (5,895 meters high). At the same time, it is also the highest free-standing mountain in the world. Climbing Kilimanjaro is a very special experience that you will never forget.

Mount Kilimanjaro is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. And that’s not without reason! During the climb you will walk through the most unimaginable and varied landscapes. One moment you are walking on a grassy landscape and the next moment you are in a tropical rainforest with monkeys and birds. 

If you climb further you will end up on ’the roof of Africa’ where you will find glaciers, snow and ice! The views over the African landscape are of course beautiful! The moment you are on top of Mount Kilimanjaro is the ultimate kick, this feeling makes your trip complete and would stay with you forever. This is one of the reasons why climbing this mountain is so popular.


The Ngorongoro Crater and the Conservation Area (the area around the crater) are often mentioned as reasons for a Tanzania safari. The drive to the crater gives the ultimate feeling of Tanzania. You drive through beautiful tropical jungles.

The first thing you encounter are the densely vegetated Highlands. Here you have a good chance to see many animals. The descent to the famous Ngrorogoro Crater is a spectacular drive and once inside the crater the views are breathtaking.

You are literally surrounded by the most beautiful animals and nature. The crater floor has the highest concentration of wildlife in Africa. The lions are on average larger than in the rest of Africa. This is because this area is rich in food.


Covering an area of only 56 square kilometers, Gombe National Park is Tanzania’s smallest national park, but its famous primate inhabitants and its connection to Jane Goodall have given it worldwide fame. Many of Gombe’s more than 100 chimpanzees are well accustomed, and while it can be difficult, sweaty work up steep hills and valleys is involved, if you set out early in the morning sightings are almost guaranteed.

In addition to chimpanzee tracking, you can take walks along the lakeshore and see Jane’s old chimpanzee feeding station, Jane’s Peak lookout and Kakombe Waterfall.


Tarangire National Park is the park with the most elephants in the world. In the dry season you can see groups of up to 250 elephants. In addition, there are many other wild animals to see that will make this day a great day. The Tarangire River and Lake Barunge are the main sources of water in this park. Here you can often see many animals drinking.

Animals love this park because of the Tarangire River and the famous Baobab trees. These elements give the elephants the security of water in the dry season. The elephants can weigh up to 6,000 kilograms. And they have their own technique to get the water from the Baobab trees. Your Tanzanian guide can tell you a lot about this!


Arusha National Park is less than an hour’s drive from Kilimanjaro International Airport. Arusha National Park is known for the volcano Mount Meru. This volcano has a height of 4566 meters and is regularly climbed. Not only is the view spectacular from Mount Meru, but the volcano itself makes for a stunning view.

In addition, you can spot many of the most diverse species of exotic birds in Arusha National Park when you take a ride through the tropical rainforest. The small park has more than 400 species of birds. Examples include the beautiful Silvery-cheeked Hornbill and the Greater Flamingo. In some seasons, the lakes in the park are filled with thousands of flamingos, including the Greater Flamingo. In addition to the large lakes, the park has beautiful craters, beautiful waterfalls, mountains and grassy plains.Verder staat dit park bekend om de zeldzame zwart-witte Colobus aap. Deze zwart-witte aap is te herkennen aan zijn lange staart en heeft zijn naam te danken aan zijn stompe duim. De naam “Colobus” komt van het Griekse “kolobos”, wat “stompje” betekent. Het bewonderen van deze zeldzame aap is dé attractie van dit park. De wandelsafari samen met de “Arusha ranger” is hier een populaire activiteit.  Een echte“wildlife ervaring”!


In Lake Manyara National Park you are surrounded by beautiful nature. When you enter the Manyara you are immediately welcomed by hearing tropical birds chirping and watching monkeys play in the beautiful jungle. In the Lake Manyara National Park you have a great chance to meet elephants in the so-called “Woodland landscape”. Furthermore, this forest becomes thinner and slowly it changes into the grassy landscape.

Manyara Hippo Pool is an impressive spectacle where many hippos can be found that will stay there from early morning until late in the evening. Furthermore, a wide variety of wildlife can be found in the park.